Community Cultural Center

Board of Directors


If you’ve never been part of a Board of Directors, the concept may seem hazy and intimidating. Fear not! 

Board membership is not necessarily a profession. In the nonprofit world, it's often an acquired vocation: no experience required; it's an ongoing learning-process for everyone involved.Members of the BoD are just regular folks like you who feel called to volunteer as co-managers of an organization.  We hope you'll join us!

Current Board Members 

1. President, Sam Howell

2. Vice President, Quill Hyde

3. Secretary, Barbara Greene

4. Treasurer, Sarah Gelineau 

5. Newsletter Editor, Pat Liley

6. Iterim Director, Jean Pfeifer

7. Interim Director, Heather Straub

8. [Your Name Here] 

9. [Your Name Here] 


Board of Directors, 2013: Sarah, Barbara, Susie, Janet, Barley, Pat, and Sam.

Board Meetings

  • Board meetings are usually the 3rd Tuesday of the month, 6:00 p.m.   Check the Community Calendar to confirm.
  • Contact the Board President to be added to an upcoming agenda.
  • Learn about Board discussions and decisions in the Meeting Minutes.